It all started with a trip to a horse auction back in 1988.  I saw a standard donkey go into the sale ring, and it was love at first sight.  Starting with raising standard size donkey, then seeing the miniature size later, my love for these amazing critters, now has my herd at 80 + donkeys.  We couldn't think of not having these wonderful animals in our lives.
I started the Miniature Donkey Show in Augusta, New Jersey back in 1993.  I found that there are a lot of fellow donkey owners that love to show off their animals the way I do.  It was one way to get all of us together once a year to talk, share experiences, and have a great time with our donkeys.
My goals in raising donkeys are for color, conformation, and getting other people to see what wonderful animals they are.  I LOVE PROMOTING DONKEYS!!!  Over the years I have gotten to know some incredible fellow donkey people.  I even met some celebrities while providing donkeys for movies and photo shoots...

Jon Stewart of the Daily Show, with our Donkey Bobbles
(Featured in Entertainment Weekly Magazine, 2004)


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