KZ Hot Pockets
Gender: Jack
Date of Birth: 4/25/2017
Color: Dark Spotted - Wooly
Birth Height: 22"
Price: $0.00

Sire: Brayer Acres Oliver - 32" Dark Spotted Wooly
Dam: MGF Venus Thrivas Y874 - 33" Dark Brown & White Spotted

 Hot Pockets is consigned with his dam to the North East Miniature Donkey Sale in West Friendship, MD., on July 22, 2017. He is the first foal sired by our new wooly jack, Brayer Acres Oliver. Hot Pockets is getting that super long wooly hair coming in, and has just beautiful conformation all the way around. He is also that super sweet personality like his mom and dad, and is always in your back pocket, hense his name. Info for the link to sale is under his dams listing.