KZ Shivago's Raising Havoc
Gender: Jack
Date of Birth: 08/04/2017
Color: Black & White Spotted
Birth Height: 22"

Sire: MGF Doctor Shivago - 32 1/4" Black & White Spotted - Wooly
Dam: Horseshoe Ranch Hope - 33" Black & White Spotted

Sold, Going to Idaho, Thank you Lori!

 True black and white spotted little jack foal. Havoc carries the wooly genes along with dark spotted and the hard to find true black and white spotted. His dam, Hope, Is one of our favorite jennets. Will get pictures of his other side soon...... 11/27/2017 - New picture of his left side, love the upside down heart. Sorry he was a little muddy due to rain the night before, but shows you his true black and white color.