Miniature Donkeys For Sale

We are planning many trips this year. If you buy any of our donkeys, we can help on the shipping end for a very low cost or even free if along our routes. If you need a donkey(s) of your own trucked, and is along our routes, we could possibly work out a great low cost deal for you too, for us to truck them for you.
Please see below our trips and dates, and e-mail us at  for more info if interested.


- Ohio end of March 


- Due to rising vet costs, any donkeys purchased from us where coggins and health papers are needed, please know that a $38.00 per donkey for coggins and $50.00 per health paper vet fee will be added. Also a non-refundable deposit is required to hold any donkey for purchase.



*****UPDATE 11/5/20 - Babies and alot of my donkeys are getting sold before even going onto website, please email us if you are looking for something special. Currently sold out on our 2020 foals, but you can be put on a waiting list for 2021 foals. Just email us!