N&D's Lonestar Angel Baby


Date of Birth: 09/10/2003
Color: Brown & White Spotted
Height: 32"

Sire: N&D's Lonestar Judge Roy Bean - 31 1/2" Gray & White Spotted
Dam: Gee Haw's Annie C - 32 1/2" Gray Dun

Just added, fall 2014, to our spotted herd of jennets, Angel Baby came to us all the way from Texas. Love her conformation and head. Thank you to Nancy and Dalton Clark for this beautiful jennet! We will breed her to our little black herdsire Proper Shine, spring of 2015.

***UPDATE- Angel had a super little spotted jack foal on 5/21/2016!

Heavenly Snow Angel

Date of Birth: 8/08/2007
Color: Gray & White Spotted
Height: 32"

Sire: Ozark Warpaint - 33 1/2" Brown & White Spotted
Dam: Heavenly Casey - 34" Gray Dun

Full sister to our past herdsire, Heavenly Romeo. I had to have Snow Angel after Romeo passed on, and we were not sorry, she is a doll!

Snow Angel is bred for a 2014 foal to Shivago. ****UPDATE - Angel had a beautiful spotted jack foal.

West Prairie JoJo


Date of Birth: 07/08/2011
Color: Black w/White Star
Height: 32"

Sire: Perfections Black Out - 32" Black
Dam: West Prairie JoDee - 33" Black

New to our group of brood jennet for 2014, JoJo is that black that we love to breed with to our spots. JoJo is sweet and I just love her small white star on her forehead. She is bred for 2015 to a 29" small black jack named Gardner's Dusty Star.

Update *** JoJo had a tiny black jennet foal.

Update *** JoJo is being bred to our upcoming spotted wooly herdsire Oliver Twist for a 2017 foal.

Zane Trails Miss Cocoa

Date of Birth: 06/01/2003
Color: Dark Brown
Height: 32 1/4"

Sire: Zane Trail Pierre - 32" Gray Dun
Dam: Zane Trail Derby - 33 1/4" Dark Brown

New to our brood jennets for 2013. Cocoa has that wooly gene that we were looking for. Bred to Shivago for her first foal in 2014. ***UPDATE - Cocoa had a super wooly, dark spotted jennet foal, see Curly Sue on our for sale page! Miss Cocoa is bred back to Shivago for a July/August 2015 foal.

Zane Trail Lucy

Date of Birth: 07/19/2003
Color: Gray-dun - Wooly
Height: 32 1/2":

Sire: Zane Trail Pierre - 32" Gray Dun
Dam: Zane Trail Casey - 34 1/4" Gray Dun

Lucy is a wooly producer, and that nice typical gray color. We are happy to have added her to our wooly program. She had a small, wooly gray and white spotted jennet by Shivago in 2014. She is being exposed to Shivago again for a spring 2016 foal.

***UPDATE - Lucy had a super wooly little spotted jennet foal on 04/05/2016!

KZ Magical Kitty Kat


Date of Birth: 05/19/2011
Color: Black & White Spotted
Height: 33"

Sire: MGF Houdini's Magic Time - 33" Black & White Spotted
Dam: Bainbridge's Black Kat of KZ - 33" Black

 I sold Kitty when she was a weanling, and due to some life changes for the people, we got her back. I am so pleased to have her back into our herd, she is just down right beautiful. Kitty is currently being bred for a 2017 foal to Buckeroo for her first foal, I cannot wait for that foal!

Update 7/23/2017 - Kitty Kat has been sold.

KZ Frosted Ginger Spice


Date of Birth: 05/18/2011
Color: Frosted Spot (sorrel based) - Wooly
Height: 32"

Sire: MGF Rustic Frost - 32 3/4" Light Red & White Spotted Roan -
Dam: KZ Wee Little Red Shennigans - 32" Dark Red

 This jennet I sold as a weanling, and due to some life changes for the people, I got her back. I am so please to get back a Rustic Frost daughter. She is a semi-wooly and built like a tank and looks like her sire too! I am breeding her for a 2017 foal, her first to Primo, stay tuned!

Update - Ginger had a tiny dark brown jennet foal

Klein's Max's Lady Locks

Date of Birth: 07/04/2010
Color: Dark Brown & White Spotted - Wooly
Height: 34"

Sire: Spotted Acres Maxx - 32 1/2" Black NLP
Dam: Gardner's Natalie K of KDF - 333/4" Dark Brown & White Spott

 I am so pleased to have added this dark spotted wooly girl to our wooly breeding program! She is just such a tank and has just a beautiful look to her. She is currently being exposed to Buckeroo for her first foal for 2017, cannot wait to see what that beautiful combo produces!

Horseshoe Ranch Hope


Date of Birth: 6/06/2007
Color: Black & White Spotted
Height: 33"

Sire: Stoney Acres Salem - 33" Black NLP
Dam: Ma & Pa's Libby - 33" Gray & White Spotted

 Love this girl bought her as a baby. Hope has produced some knockout foals. Most are true black and white spotted!

KZ Fluff-A-Nutter


Date of Birth: 5/10/2011
Color: White Roan
Height: 32"

Sire: MGF Rustic Frost - 32 1/2" White Roan w/Sorrel Spots
Dam: Heiken's Ark Rhonda D - 33 3/4" Black/Brown & Sorrel Spotted

I sold this jennet when she was a baby, I asked to buy her back last year. I wanted to have Rustic's and Rhonda's lines back. I was so please that the person finally let me buy her back as a three year old now. Bred for her first foal in 2015 to Buckeroo. I cannot wait, hopefully the wooly lines come out from both sides! Stay tuned!

The Elms Black Satin

Date of Birth: 09/10/2004
Color: Black
Height: 33"

Sire: MGF Black Knight - 32 1/2" Black
Dam: L.U.A. Maxx's Sweet Caroline - 32 3/4" Black

 Satin is built like a tank! Love her color and her pedigree, she is realted to our herdsire Buckeroo as you can tell by her build!

KZ Blue Bell

Date of Birth: 01/01/2010
Color: Gray & White Spotted - Wooly
Height: 32"

Sire: unknown
Dam: unknown

 Blue came to us with another wooly spotted jennet, I just love her stocky build. I am working on finding out where she orginally came from, which was unknown to who we purchased her and her friend from. I am sure she has some great pedigree out there, if not, she will still be part of our wooly herd. Blue is currently bred for a 2016 foal to a Gadica son, who came originally from Bainbridges Longears Acres in New Jersey. Stay tuned!

UPDATE 5/1/2020....We lost Blue due to a rare Tick borne diease, we miss you Blue!

J.A. Sechrist Farms Calico

Date of Birth: 04/02/2008
Color: Brown & White Spotted
Height: 31"

Sire: SMHC's Rocky Road - 33" Brown & White Spotted
Dam: J.A. Sechrist Farm's Lola Betty - 32" Black/Brown

Calli, as we call her, I had to just have her when I saw her as a weanling. Bred to Nitro for her first foal for 2014. - ***UPDATE - Callie had a super tiny spotted jack foal, see KZ Just A Trace on my for sale page.

Update *** Calli has been bred to JJ for a 2016 foal.

Sheloy's Chocolate Essence

Date of Birth: 07/26/2006
Color: Dark Brown NLP
Height: 28 1/2"

Sire: Sheloy's Gadica - 30 1/2" Black
Dam: Sun Creek Chocolate Truffle - 31" Dark Brown

Honored to have this petite well built little jennet in the herd. She produced a tiny black jack in 2012 that is now in the Domician Republic. She is bred to Primo for a 2014 foal, should be a great one! *** UPDATE - Essence had a tiny dark spotted jack foal, see High Spirits on my for sale page.

Update**** Essence is bred to Bandit for a summer 2016 foal.

Sun Creek Penny

Date of Birth: 06/28/1998
Color: Black
Height: 33 1/4"

Sire: Soderglen Black Beans - 33 1/4" Black
Dam: Sun Creek Crocus - 34" Gray Dun

Just added to our black line up in brood jennets, I was so happy to just purchase her. Penny is bred to Primo a 2014 foal, I cannot wait for this one! ****UPDATE - Penny had a knockout small and stocky, dark spotted jennet foal. Penny is bred to Shivago for a August 2015 foal.

Update*** Penny had a wooly spotted jack foal.

Update*** Penny has been bred back to Bandit for a later 2016 foal.

KZ Prime Jersey Style

Date of Birth: 07/21/2010
Color: Black/Brown & White Spotted
Height: 32"

Sire: DMF Primo - 31 3/4" Black/Brown & White Spotted
Dam: MGF Jersey Girl - 34 3/4" Black & White Spotted

This is one of the few Primo daughters we kept back, and isn't she just beautiful! Homer line with the Primo line, and the color came thru. Jersey is bred to MGF Nitro, for her first foal due 2014, cannot wait! *** UPDATE - Styles had a tiny 19" bay pattern colored jack foal, pictures to come!

Update*** Styles is being bred to Buckeroo for a spring 2017 foal.

Sunset Acres Candy Kiss


Date of Birth: 07/10/2007
Color: True Black
Height: 32"

Sire: Circle C Black Russian - 31" Black w/cross NLP
Dam: MGF Venus Candy Kess - 31 1/2" Brown & White Spotted

Beautiful black jennet we just had to add to our brood jennets. Bred to Primo for a 2014 foal. ***UPDATE - Candy had an awesome spotted jack foal, possible future herdsire for us.

Update**** Candy has been bred to Bandit for a summer 2016 foal.

Summer Shade's Little Egypt

Date of Birth: 06/19/2005
Color: Dark Brown
Height: 32"

Sire: Gladysbrooke Skip - 29" Dark Brown
Dam: Dunkin Acres Candy - 33 1/2" Dark Brown

Egypt is bred to Primo for an early 2014 foal. - ***UPDATE - Egypt had a beautiful spotted jennet foal, see Gal Friday on my for sale page. Egypt is bred to Bandit for a 2016 late summer/early fall foal.

Sunset Acres Dark Side Of The Moon

Date of Birth: 09/29/2007
Color: Gray-Dun NLP
Height: 31 1/4"

Sire: Circle C Black Russian - 31" Black w/Cross
Dam: MGF Venus Sneaky Pink 872 - 31" Red

Just added to our brood jennet for 2014. Bred to our newest dark spotted herdsire Heiken's Ark Kennedy for a summer 2015 foal.

Update*** Moonie had a spotted jack foal.

Update **** Moonie was bred to Buckeroo for a late 2016 foal.

Zane Trail Zoey

Date of Birth: 07/25/2003
Color: Brown - Wooly
Height: 34 1/4"

Sire: Zane Trail Pierre - 32" Gray Dun
Dam: Lazy 5 July - 33 1/4" Gray Dun

Zoey was just added to our line of wooly breeding jennets. She is unrealted to the woolies out there. Exposed to Buckeroo for a 2015 foal.

Update *** Zoey had a great wooly brown boy.

Update ****Zoey was rebred back to Buckeroo for a late 2016 foal.

Gardner's Charlotte B

Date of Birth: 06/02/2000
Color: Gray dun
Height: 32"

Sire: Gardner's Sparco - 32 1/4" Gray & White Spotted
Dam: Hartman Donkeys Vicky - 35" Gray-Dun

Stocky, small, gray dun jennet, love her build. Charlotte is bred to Primo for a 2014 foal.

Update *** Charlotte had a beautiful graydun jennet foal in 2015.


Daddy's Razzle Dazzle


Date of Birth: 10/09/2005
Color: Very Dark Brown & White Spotted
Height: 33"

Sire: Wincrest Over The Top - 33" Gray & White Spotted
Dam: Triple J Ranch Rachel - 34" Brown Roan

New to our spotted brood jennets in 2014, I just had to have this awesome jennet. Super sweet a such a looker! Bred to our new dark spotted herdsire, Heiken's Ark Kennedy for a summer 2015 foal.

Update **** Razzel had a dark jack foal.

Update *** We bred Razzel to Buckeroo for a late 2016 foal.

SWR Mystique

Date of Birth: 01/20/2002
Color: Black w/cross
Height: 32 3/4"

Sire: Tex*Ass Midnight Gambler - 32 1/2" Black
Dam: Tex*Ass Classic Covergirl - 35" Dark Brown NLP

Had to add this jennet to our brood jennets. Past show jennet, that is a 1/2 sister to our past herdsire/show donkey High Roller. Awesome conformation and super sweet. Cannot wait to see what she produces! Mystique is currently being bred to Proper Shine for a 2015 foal.

 UPDATE - 7/23/2017 Mystic has been sold.

Bainbridge's Rosebud


Date of Birth: 09/12/2008
Color: Black/Brown & White Spotted
Height: 33 1/2"

Sire: Bainbridge's Moosetracks - 33" Black/Brown & White Spotted
Dam: Bainbridge's Rodeo - 32" Very Dark Brown

These are yearling pictures of Rosebud, new pictures to come. Rosebud is bred for her first foal to MGF Nitro, due 2014, should be a knockout! ***UPDATE - Rosebud had her first foal, a tiny 19" knockout of a sorrel and white spotted jennet foal. Rosebud is bred to to Buckeroo for a July 2015 foal. Update*** Rosebud had a beautiful tyger spotted jennet foal.

Update*** Rosebud has been bred back to Buckeroo for a summer 2016 foal.


Heiken's Ark Aggie LB

Date of Birth: 07/28/2009
Color: Black
Height: 31 1/8"

Sire: L.U.A. Maxx's Little Buckaroo - 30 3/8" Black
Dam: LN Annette - 33 1/4" Gray-Dun

Had to have this black jennet, with Buckeroo being her sire. Wooly lines so should produce some nice offspring for us. Bred to Primo for a 2014 foal. ***UPDATE - Auggie had a knockout tiny black jennet foal, see Infinity on our for sale page.

Update**** Aggie has been bred to Primo for summer 2016 foal.

Allen's Acres Sweet Black Cherrie

Date of Birth: 06/08/2003
Color: Black NLP
Height: 34 3/4"

Sire: Allen Acres Zeke ( 34" Brown & White Spotted )
Dam: Allen's Acres Black Berry ( 36" Black w/Cross )

 Black Cherrie always produces us super little foals. Some of our highest selling black and white foals are out of her. We bred her to Shivago for a spring 2016 foal.

Update **** Cherrie had a wooly Black NLP jack foal in May 2016, he is listed on our for sale page.

MGF Jersey Girl

Date of Birth: 06/26/2003
Color: Black & White Spotted
Height: 34 3/4"

Sire: MGF Homer ( 33" Black & White Spotted )
Dam: MGF Venus So Black Cherry ( 34" Dark Brown )

 Jersey is just such a pretty black and white spotted jennet out of Homer. I kept her spotted jennet daughter Jersey Style. I have bred Jersey to Bandit for a late summer 2016 foal!

CP's The Mighty Philamena

Date of Birth: 04/25/2004
Color: Light Red Roan w/WMSF
Height: 33"

Sire: CP's Dynamite ( 32" Dark Brown w/WMSF )
Dam: LCR Philamena 64 ( 34" Brown )

Philly is a very neat colored jennet, very striking. Philly is bred to Buckaroo for a May 2015 foal. Update*** Philly had a super little wooly jack foal.

Update*** Philly was bred back to Shivago for a spring 2016 foal.

KZ Sweet Pea

Date of Birth: 06/01/2004
Color: Black w/Cross NLP
Height: 34"

Sire: Laughlin's George ( 33 1/2" Red )
Dam: Laughlin's Gracie ( 35" Black w/Cross NLP )

 Sweetpea has produced some real nice little babies for us, she is a great mom and love her dark coloring, love those NLP's! We are currently exposing her to our newest spotted herdsire Murphy for a spring 2017 foal.

UPDATE*** Sweetpea had a jennet foal that looks just like her.

UPDATE **** Both Sweetpea and baby have been sold.

KZ Miss Black-In-Time

Date of Birth: 05/07/2006
Color: Black w/cross
Height: 33"

Sire: MGF Homer (33" True Black/White Spotted)
Dam: Derbytown's Mocha (32" Dark Brown)

Daughter of Derbytown Mocha, this is my daughters donkey. Black In Time is prroducing us some real nice foals, just like her dam. Bred to Primo for a 2014 foal. UPDATE*** Black In Time had a super little dark spotted jennet foal. See Pandora on our for sale page.

Update*** Black In Time is bred to Bandit for a summer 2016 foal

Update****We regret to say we lost Black In Time April 2017 to a Black Bear attack. It was a hard hit, we raised this little gal from a baby, and will miss her greatly! For anyone who thinks Black Bears are not meat eaters think again! We lost 2 babies last year to a bear and now her this year!

Derbytown's Mocha

Date of Birth: 03/04/2002
Color: Very Dark Brown
Height: 32"

Sire: Derbytown's Dr. Doolittle - ( 32" Gray & White Spotted )
Dam: No Me Acres Dawn II- ( 33" Very Dark Brown & White Spotted )

Mocha is one of our show winners. She has produced beautiful dark spotted offsprings for us. Love this jennet, very sweet. Mocha is bred to Kennedy for a August 2015 foal. Update****Mocha had a super dark spotted jennet foal.

Update *** Mocha has been bred to Bandit for a fall 2016 foal.

KZ Wee Little Red Shenanigans


Date of Birth: 10/09/2006
Color: Sorrel
Height: 32"

Sire: MGF Cherry's Beau ( 31" Sorrel )
Dam: Heiken's Ark Robin ( 34 5/8" Red /Sorrel )

These are yearling pictures of Shenanigans, new pictures to come. Shenanigans is bred to Shivago for a middle of July 2015 foal. Update *** Shenanigans had a beautiful all black jennet foal.

Update*** Shenanigans is bred to Bandit for a fall 2016 foal.


KZ Chrisma's Charm

Date of Birth: 06/06/2004
Color: Dark Brown NLP
Height: 32"

Sire: Derbytown's Bravissimo ( 32 1/4" Black w/Cross )
Dam: Derbytown's Mocha ( 32" Very Dark Brown )

We raised this sweet girl up! Small and beautiful! 2014 - Chrisma had a knockout black jennet foal out of Primo!

Update*** We bred Chrisma to Bandit for a early spring 2016 foal. Update*** - Chrisma had another knockout spotted jennet foal in April 2016!

KZ Macy

Date of Birth: 09/15/2001
Color: Dark Gray/Black/Brown & White Spotted
Height: 35"

Sire: Boone's Marie's Mr. Speckles ( Black/White Spotted )
Dam: From the Heart Precious Moments ( 32 1/2" Brown NLP )

8/31/2017 -  Macy has been sold with her spotted jack foal.