KZ Marshmello

Date of Birth: 05/01/2008
Color: White
Height: 50"

Sire: Diamond B Elvis- 48" Black & White Spotted
Dam: Bainbridge's Fran - ( Mammoth size) Dapple Gray Roan

My bottle baby all grown up. This beautiful large standard jennet was rejected at birth so I was her mom thus I will never sell my Marshmello. I know she was alittle dirty in this picture, but I loved it and had to post it. Bred to Diamond B Kirk for her second foal due October of 2014.

Brayer Acres Antonette

Date of Birth: 05/03/2010
Color: Black - Wooly
Height: 60"

Sire: unknown
Dam: unknown

I have always wanted a Poitou donkey jennet, and here she is. Antonette is sweet as sugar and is big and beautiful. She is a 1/2 Poitou and 1/2 mammoth. Thank you Sally and Joe from Brayer Acres on letting me own this knockout girl! Antonette has been bred to Elvis for a June 2016 foal, her first!

Mary Jo

Date of Birth: 05/01/2000
Color: Dark Spotted
Height: 48"

Sire: DB Billy
Dam: Montana Sadie

KZ Oreo

Color: Black & White Spotted
Height: 49"

Sire: unknown
Dam: unknown

Oreo is shown here with her 2012 jennet foal.

KZ Mae West


Color: Black/Brown & White Spotted - Wooly
Height: 46"

Sire: unknown
Dam: unknown

Mae West is one of our new wooly standard jennets we added in 2012, she just had her first foal for us in 2013. Mae is bred to Kirk for a 2015 foal.

KZ Lolligal

Color: Black w/WMSF
Height: 46"

Sire: unknown
Dam: unknown

Lolligal is shown here with her 2012 jack foal.